Speech Technology

Voicebots. Voice enabled surveys and apps. Voice biometrics. Recognize speech. Analyse what's being said.

Sustain innovation. Use Speech Technology.

Don’t get caught up by the future. Invest in speech technology for your organisation. 

We’d love to explain everything in detail so you can fully grasp the possibilities. Please contact us for more information and to see how your company can benefit from using speech technology. 


Voicebots are the future.

Do you need a bot in your company?

An ideal combination of speech analytics, AI and speech synthesis offers you the possibility to create a voicebot in a flexible way. Thanks to a very open development platform, the behavior of the bot can be tuned to your expectations. 

And thanks to a set of performant APIs the solution can be integrated in your company’s interface.  

State-of-the-art MyForce Midas.

Add voice to your applications!

MyForce Midas is an innovative technology adding speech to your applications.

You use it in speech enabled surveys, speech enabled apps or in conversational interactions. By adding key word spotting, full transcriptions, emotion detection and text to speech conversion you will get richer and more detailed insights.  

Analyse what is being said.

Speech analytics, a powerful force.

Think about conversations between a customer contact employee and a customer. With the right tools you can easily analyse what’s being said, what they’re talking about (keywordspotting) and how everyone is feeling. Are they interrupting each other? Is someone getting mad? Quality monitoring gets so much easier when you can automate it! 

Use Voice Biometrics as your secret power.

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint.

Did you know you can be recognized by your voice with the same accuracy as your fingerprint? Using Voice Biometrics we introduce approximately 300 parameters to give you your own voice profile. This profile is so accurate and so secure that you could even use it safely to make bank transfers or as a password, although we recommend to always use a double identification when working online.

For organizations it is very useful to recognize customers when they call. You can be up to 95% sure the caller is indeed who he or she says he is. This means you can just let the technology work in the background while you talk to them and provide personalized service.



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