What our customers say: Comdata case study

Vendula Kourková, Quality Supervisor Comdata: “Implementing MyForce speech technology and Phonexia speech analytics into the call center of one of our customers and integrating it with the BISON tool was just great.”

MyForce created a graphical interface that not only allows keyword setting and quality control, but also the generation of data sources which are then used for reporting. This technology helped us to use all the data for further analysis and adapt it to specific projects. In one of the projects, our client who offers accident insurance over the phone, used speech analytics. The project has shown that automatic speech quality control has achieved the same accuracy as human supervisors. Thanks to speech analytics, we improved our employees’ skills. The team needed only two quality controllers focusing only on questionable calls. The remaining seven controllers could be moved to more skilled work in other projects and use their time more efficiently. Next to this, we also increased our return on investment. Speech analytics saved 60% of the costs otherwise spent on quality control of the project.

About Comdata

Comdata is an international company that manages commercial call centers around the globe. The company has been defining trends in outsourcing and customer care for the last 20 years. Every customer has its own requirements and needs an individual approach. Comdata aspires to meet these needs by offering its clients top-notch services that leverage the latest technologies. When implementing speech technologies, the main goal was to increase service quality, operator efficiency, and reduce call center costs.

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