We proudly present MyForce Midas: an innovation adding voice to your online surveys and apps

In early days, surveys were based on a lot of paperwork. End of last century, telephony based interviews were quite common. And beginning of this century, the explosion of the internet introduced the concept of the online surveys. We all know the typical surveys in which we tick boxes and write comments to open end questions. Nothing wrong with that. But what about respondents who are short in time or do not like to type out their full opinion? Or how to cope with people preferring to use their smartphone (with a pretty small virtual keyboard)? They often get rid of it by typing a few words or short sentences. It would be wonderful if they could just say what they are thinking instead of having to type it. After all, expressing their opinion in speech goes a lot faster than typing their thoughts down.

And this is where MyForce Midas comes in. This new technology transcribes audio in real-time into your survey. Answering open questions with voice is so much easier and faster than typing. Besides, chances are that the answers you will get are longer and more detailed. On top, combined with emotion detection, the information you get becomes more valuable. The tone of your respondent’s voice and the choice of particular words can betray what (s)he really is thinking and feeling. MyForce Midas identifies if the respondent is happy, angry or sad.

This innovative technology has completely been integrated in the Askia portfolio to add quality to your surveys’ results.

Curious about introducing this? Do not hesitate and contact us for a demo or more information.

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