Speech Technology: something for your company?

Speech Technology brings a wide range of applications towards your company. Are you not sure what Voicebots, Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics can mean for you? Do you wander how you can sustain innovation by implementing them into your company?

Voicebots use speech technology to welcome your customers with a personalized message. Moreover, they can perform small tasks so that your staff can focus on more challenging ones.

Did you know that your voice is as unique as your fingerprint? No less than 300 parameters give your voice its own profile. This means that customers can use their voice as their password.

And last but not least: the computer can analyse what is being said and how everyone is feeling (speech analytics). In this way, agent coaching and analyzing conversation quality become a child’s play.

Read more about it. Or contact our sales team: we are eager to help you and show all ins and outs.

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