MyForce receives funding for BISON project

Using its Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020, the European Union has granted funding to the BISON consortium, consisting of eight players with complementary skills spread across Europe. Being one of the driving forces behind this consortium & corresponding project, MyForce made use of its experience in implementing complex contact centre technology to execute the project’s technical requirements.

The goal of this project is to bring significant innovation to the customer contact sector by integrating contact center technology with speech processing- and data mining technology. In other words: Big Data extracted from phone conversations. As a result, a lot of attention goes into creating a software solution that is compliant with new challenges regarding big data and anonymization of private data. 

Next to MyForce, other players partaking in this project are: Brno University of Technology and its spin-off Phonexia (acting as experts in speech data mining & technology provider), University of Bologna (responsible for this projects’ regulatory and legal aspects) , Telefónica I+D and Telefónica Móviles (experts in speech data- and business outcome mining) and EBOS & ComCzech (end users running large contact centre operations).

The project has officially started on the first day of 2015, and took 3 years to complete. Total project budget was 4.100.000€, 75 % of which is funded by the EU.

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