Meet our staff: employee testimonial

One year ago, Jasper started working at MyForce. He looks back on an educational and pleasant year.

Diverse projects

After my studies in applied computer science I joined MyForce as a member of the development team. I help making and maintaining the Contact Center and Bison projects. As we work in an agile way, we start with a scrum in the morning where we go over the tasks we did the day before and those we are going to do during the day. These tasks might be implementing a new feature, fixing a bug or discussing the design/requirements of the software with colleagues. I like the challenging, interesting and diverse projects with new technologies and frameworks. When helping on an existing project (Contact Center Software), I get the opportunity to learn a new programming language. Also working together with other companies, nationally and internationally, makes my job very interesting.

Professional and friendly atmosphere

What I love most about MyForce are the people I work with every day. The atmosphere is professional and friendly at the same time. We have many activities to meet up and get to know the colleagues better, such as a drink after work, family days, teambuilding or a new year’s dinner.
As a member of the MyForce Development Team, I am surrounded by experienced colleagues. During my first year at MyForce I was able to learn a lot of new things from them, ranging from how to do certain things with a technology over how to debug and find bugs in crashdumps. And at the same time, I am able to give input for certain things. During the dev days with our partner Askia in France we met up with other developers and gave short workshops. They were very informative and entertaining at the same time. I feel I really have the opportunity to grow here.

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