Improve your Askia data quality control with the MyForce BISON Recording Management Tool

We at MyForce proudly present our BISON Recording Management Tool. We think that many contact center managers and supervisors will be thrilled to find out that quality control can be much easier. Much effort has been made to develop a tool that is user friendly, intuitive and time saving.

CATI Supervisor Software

Contact Centers using our CTArchitect will agree: the CATI dialler software combined with the Askia CATI solution increases the contact center’s efficiency. And the extensive monitoring options help to improve conversation quality. But they will also confirm that random samples with CATI Supervisor to check survey quality is elaborate and very time consuming. A supervisor has to click several times, change screen, take notes, download the recording, and so on, to finally find the data that he wants and to evaluate the quality of the interview.

MyForce BISON Recording Management Tool

So we thought this should be made easier. With a user friendly and intuitive interface, the MyForce BISON RMT simplifies the whole process. A connection with the Askia environment makes that a supervisor immediately sees the projects that are assigned to him.

MyForce Bison RMT with Askia data

The interface shows all the information that is needed at a glance: the interview data, interaction details, the recording, etc. So done with clicking through, noting down callIDs and download recordings. Moreover, every change that the supervisor makes, automatically flows to the Askia dataset.

No more messing around with recordings in windows and supervisor to validate the data. The MyForce Bison Recording Management Tool neatly brings all data together, making quality control easier, more efficient and less prone to errors.

A more efficient quality control has a number of benefits.

  • The working conditions for the supervisor become more pleasant.
  • The daily percentage of quality checks increases.
  • There is more time for coaching the agents.

And as cherry on the cake, speech analytics can be added as well, to automate and improve the process.

All this results in reduce costs and a better over-all quality of the contact center.

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