How our voice biometry solutions can help your business

We are very proud to announce that MyForce will officially start selling and implementing Voice Biometrics solutions in a wide variety of markets. Being a long-time specialist in contact centre telephony solutions, market research software solutions, and data visualisation projects, this felt like a natural next step to take. After all, the BISON project already enabled us to learn a lot about speech processing technology.

OK, good for you, MyForce, but what is Voice Biometry exactly and how can it help me?

Voice Biometry is a specific speech recognition technology, allowing you to identify yourself using the unique sound of your voice. This makes it the perfect technology to increase security in a wide range of use-cases.

A couple of example markets are:

  • Customer contact: Identify helpdesk callers through the sound of their voice: this way, your customer can be identified by just talking over the phone. Or, catch frauds trying to impersonate someone else over the phone!
  • Security/access control: add voice biometry as an extra security layer, combined with passwords or iris- and fingerprint scanners. This can be used to access physical restricted areas
  • Intelligence/defense/counterterrorism: quickly identify perpetrators or terrorists by processing hundreds of hours of wiretap audio/telephone conversations automatically
  • Prison/detention centres: let inmates log onto their personal entertainment hub using their voice, or check who they are calling with
  • Mobile apps/services: Authenticate yourself using voice biometry to get access to your personal data (bank accounts, …) or to access services

We are confident that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and that many other industries can benefit from voice biometrics.
So, if all this sounds very interesting to you: don’t hesitate to contact Bart Minne, MyForce’s voice biometry specialist:

Bart Minne

Bart Minne

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