MyForce Voicebots: the next steps

Google Assistant and Siri. Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa. Virtual voice assistants are becoming increasingly well-established in everyday life. More and more it becomes a habit to launch a search using your voice. The trend to communicate with robots also establishes in business.
MyForce already had a limited voicebot solution capable of performing simple commands. Over the years, we have gained experience, we came to know what is possible and what not and our expertise matured.
To realize the next steps successfully, we have been looking for a partner. We are very happy that we found this partner in the Czech company Vocalls. This partnership resulted in a performant voicebot solution.

But what exactly is a voicebot?

A voicebot is a virtual assistant, using AI, that understands what a person is saying and reacts accordingly.

And what can voicebots mean for your company?

  • Voicebots replace the old fashioned IVR. So no longer “For a question about your invoice, press 1”. When using voicebots, you do not have to listen to a long list of possible options and running the risk to choose the wrong number or getting frustrated that the option that you need is not mentioned. Voicebots detect what your question is and they guide you to the solution. Either they answer you themselves or they put you through with an operator in charge of your issue.
  • Voicebots are used in routine questions or in actions with a fixed scenario. They can block credit cards, give information on opening hours or find the address of the shop in your neighborhood. In this way, operators can perform more challenging tasks and use their time more efficiently.
  • They are able to distinguish between urgent and non urgent calls, where they transfer to the authorized operator for urgent matters and handle non urgent matters themselves. This increases customer satisfaction as it saves time.
  • They are very useful in NPS, in which they address you with your name and make the questions really personal.

Cooperation with Vocalls

Voicebots are the future! Optimally equipping your company is also investing in a voicebot. We, at MyForce, can help you with the whole integration and installation of the Vocalls software on your platform. From integrating with your call center, over setting up the flow, or helping with programmation of NPS enquires: you name it and MyForce is happy to help.

The possibilities are endless. Do you have a project in mind in which voicebots can be useful? Do not hesitate to contact us for a demo or more information ( or +32 9 210 17 70).

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