Emotion detection in speech: new partnership

The American civil rights activist Maya Angelou once said ‘I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

Emotion detection

In any business it is important to know how customers are feeling. Are they happy about the products and services or not? Sales figures and surveys give an indication. But at least as important are the reactions of the customers themselves.

In face to face communication, the customer’s facial expression and movement of head and eyes learn a lot about the actual emotions. But the voice also reflects these feelings: tone, loudness, tempo, pauses, etc. all reveal that the customer is evaluating something as positive or rather negative. Recognizing the emotional feelings of the communication partner, said communication can only improve and lead to an even better customer experience, which is important in e.g. a contact center environment.

And would it not be great if this analysis could be automated? Emotion detection in speech gets so much easier with the right software. In order to be able to jump on the cart of emotion detection, MyForce has been looking for a partner, specialized in software that reveals the emotion in a speaker’s voice just as well as people can and recognize if the customer is feeling angry, happy or neutral.

We are very happy that we found this partner in Vokaturi and we proudly announce that a partnership agreement was signed.

Vokaturi in a nutshell

Vokaturi is an innovative player in the field of emotion detection in speech technology. The software can be integrated into existing applications and is language independent.

Example markets are call centers (agent coaching and optimization of communication), market research, government (police interrogation), etc.

The application possibilities are endless. Do you have a project in mind in which emotion detection can be useful? Do not hesitate to contact us. MyForce is happy to help you.

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