Askia webinar: Big speech data analytics


Date & time: Thursday July 25th 4PM UK

Join Maarten Bossuyt from Askia’s call centre partners Myforce to explain the range of different speech technologies available now to revolutionise the effectiveness of CATI surveys with Bison – a European Union funded research project (European Horizon 2020).

Voice biometry and speech analytics can help with legal compliance, recognise people based on their voice, improve quality during ongoing conversations and much more besides…

During this presentation we will explain how speech technology works and then explore where this can be used to provide new possibilities, insights, results & ideas.

In 30 minutes you’ll learn: 

  • How you can identify and analyse critical parts of calls
  • How you can generate transcriptions automatically in multiple languages
  • How you can visualise the call data to provide better insights
  • How to improve call quality with automated call and recording monitoring
  • How to be compliant with GDPR by default
  • How to evaluate an operator’s efficiency in a team context
  • How Askia and Bison together can make you rethink how effective a CATI survey can be

To register for either or both of these webinars please visit this page.