Askia survey software
Thanks to Askia, handling complex survey projects has never been easier. From the conception of the questionnaire until the delivery of your insights through presentations or online dashboards, Askia will guide you along the way. Indeed, Askia is one of the very few survey solutions that can claim to cover all survey needs.

Askia’s complete range is made up of three solutions:


Askiadesign is where you create your questionnaire. It allows users to create the questionnaire structure, integrate simple and complex filter logic and generate screens adapted for each data collection mode. Our unique interface makes creating multi-modal surveys very easy: regardless of the data collection methods you wish to combine, you will only need to create one project with one set of questions, one set of routings, one set of quotas used and only one database.


AskiaField offers you a set of tools, specifically designed for each data collection method, namely: askiaface for CAPI (incl Android/iOS tablet versions), askiavoice for CATI & askiaweb for CAWI. Fieldwork for all three methods can be supervised by means of a single administration interface and engine: our askiaField Supervisor module gives you total control over projects, respondents, quotas, agents,… Interviewing never needs to be stopped for on-the-fly questionnaire updates. Finally, Askia has chosen Microsoft SQL server as its database format, offering a reliable and robust way to store your survey data safely.


The Askiaanalysis toolset provides you with powerful tools to gather valuable insights from your collected data, and present them in an attractive way:

Askiaanalyse is our desktop data-analysis module, combining an incredibly easy way to create tables with an extensive set of available statistical tests.
Askiavista is a browser-based version of Askiaanalyse’s feature set. Featuring a powerful API, Askiavista allows you to create fully customisable dashboards and portals, using modern web technology such as AJAX calls & JSON.
AskiaSurf is the perfect tool for handling studies with multiple waves and trackers, eliminating the work that comes with merging slightly varying questionnaire structures between waves.

About Askia

Askia, headquartered in Paris, has 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining software solutions for the market research industry. Starting off with an Analysis module and a single employee, the company has grown both internationally (with offices in Paris, London, New York and Mannheim) and in revenue (with 40 employees serving up to 200 clients spread across a variety of countries and continents). 15 years ago, MyForce and Askia started working together very closely. As a result, MyForce became the official Benelux branch of the Askia group.

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