Custom dashboard and project development

It's all about the details.

Dashboards are quickly becoming the industry standard when it comes to reporting research data in a flexible and visually appealing way. Askia already recognised this trend years ago by building the powerful AskiaVista API - allowing Askia customers to extract research data from their analysis tools, and displaying them in websites, online portals or dashboards.

Askia has partnered with MyForce to develop custom dashboards whenever market research agencies don't have time, resources, or technical knowledge to do it themselves. As a result, our dedicated dashboard team has built up a tremendous level of expertise in the art of dashboard building: we can create completely custom designs, integrate AskiaVista data with third-party data sources, and tackle the craziest ideas.

Next to our custom dashboard building services, we can help you with a wide range of research-related custom development projects, such as:

  • Spicing up your web surveys by creating new ADC 2.0 controls, or implementing your new web survey design skin into AskiaDesign
  • Developing custom fieldwork- or quota follow-up portals based on one of AskiaField's API's
  • And so on...

Discover our showcase AskiaVista dashboard: Click here