CTArchitect dialler
The perfect addition for your Askia CATI environment.

Askia & CTArchitect: A perfect match

Our CTArchitect dialler is so tightly integrated within the Askia modules, you won’t even notice it’s there: CTArchitect makes full use of your current Askia application interfaces.
As a result, there is almost no learning curve: Both fieldwork managers and agents will instantly recognize their Supervisor and CATI applications.

Furthermore, Askia implemented special CTArchitect market research features within AskiaDesign, such as agent-based predictive dialling, open question recording, call-out IVR surveying, sound broadcast, and so on.

Impressive ROI figures

Upgrading your CATI centre with a progressive/predictive dialler will save you up to 30% on operational expenses. Adding a dialler to your Askia platform has proved to be an excellent cost-saver for CATI centres of eight agents and more.

Everything you need in one product

CTArchitect is not only an outbound dialler, but also a complete contact centre solution featuring inbound modules, monitoring functionality such as recording, listen-in/see-in and statistics and much more. There's no need to integrate 3 different products within your IT setup any more, so you save both precious time and money.

Ready for the future

Thanks to our innovative Soft Dialler technology, adding a dialler to your Askia setup has never been easier. From now on, any regular server can be transformed into a fully operative CTArchitect contact center solution, without using custom hardware boards. Not having to rely on hardware limitations enhances the dialler’s flexibility – it’s easy to add extra capacity when your CATI centre is growing. Finally, our solution is already compatible with cloud technology.

Support service

We strongly believe that creating a great product is only the beginning, and that delivering excellent customer service is equally important. If you are new to the world of Askia, you will be surprised by our level of support – both for survey software and dialler components.

Furthermore, if you already are an existing Askia customer, be assured that your familiar Askia support contacts have been trained extensively to use our dialler technology.

That’s right: your first level of support is the same for both Askia & CTArchitect!

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