A wide range of solutions for both quantitative and qualitative market researchers:

Sustain innovation using the best possible survey software.

For years now, we have been working very closely together with our friends at Askia, giving ourselves the opportunity to be the exclusive Benelux vendor of all Askia solutions.
Askia’s powerful and open survey tools will enable you to build any kind of survey you can think of. Add in the extensive range of fieldwork solutions (web, face to face, and telephony surveying are all possible) and there won’t be a respondent you cannot reach. Last but not least, the software suite also offers an incredibly intuitive statistical analytics module, complete with (online) reporting and dashboarding features.

Boost your Askia CATI fieldwork efficiency with the latest dialler technology.

15 years of collaboration between Askia & MyForce development teams has resulted in CTArchitect, a CATI dialler solution specifically tailored to Askia CATI environments and deeply integrated within your familiar Askia tools.
CTArchitect will greatly enhance your CATI contact centre's efficiency thanks to its progressive or predictive dialling algorithms. Furthermore, extensive monitoring options will help you increase conversation quality, while specific Askia dialling features will innovate the way you manage CATI fieldwork.

Step into the future with the world’s first unified customer feedback platform.

A bold claim, we know, but PlatformOne is the first platform to truly integrate quantitative panel management with online qualitative community management. It really ticks all the boxes: custom online portal builder? Check. Beacon integration? Check. A mobile member smartphone app? Check. Integrated detachable dashboards? Check!
What’s even more interesting is that the whole platform is seamlessly integrated with Askia’s software suite.

Enjoy the best customer service you will find

...and we are very proud of this. Whether you need help solving a specific problem or whether you want to build a fully customized survey results dashboard, we are here for you. MyForce has a dedicated, in-house support team, plus a specific development department specialized in creating custom Askia-related research tools (dashboards, specific interactive survey questions, etc).