The perfect contact centre telephony solution for inbound and outbound projects.

A complete solution fit into a tight and cohesive package

Give your incoming callers the best possible treatment

Thanks to CTArchitect’s powerful inbound module, helping your customers find the right agent at the right moment has never been easier. Our combination of powerful ACD, queueing and skill-based routing mechanisms, combined with clever IVR options, will help you to achieve your customer satisfaction goals.

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Get the most out of your contact centre and eliminate tedious agent tasks.

CTArchitect’s progressive and predictive dialling modules automate outbound call traffic, with impressive ROI numbers as a result: Our clients have measured up to 30% efficiency improvements in their contact centre. Furthermore, our agent-based predictive dialling algorithm allows you to combine predictive dialling with small groups of agents, whilst limiting nuisance calls to a minimum.

Gone are the days when agents needed to click the same buttons again and again hundreds of times a day. Agent satisfaction increases thanks to the automation of tedious agent tasks such as call qualification and allocating call result codes: Let CTArchitect automatically handle busy tones, wrong numbers, no answer tones, voicemails, and such like and feed this information back to the callback management engine.

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Quality assurance

Whether your agents are responding to incoming helpdesk calls, or are performing on outbound campaigns, an extensive list of monitoring options comes in handy when you want to set high standards for call and conversation quality.

Various tools are at your disposal: listen along with agents using CTArchitect’s listen-in option, record entire calls (or certain parts of a conversation), check the live SLA monitors or create reports, all from behind your desk, your client’s desk, or even at home.

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Next to our core QA module, we integrated with Phonexia technology to offer QA automation through advanced speech processing. The result is a new recording management and quality monitoring solution, integrating contact centre recordings with speech processing technology. Adding this technology to your contact centre setup offers many benefits:

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One application that ties it all together

Stay in control through the CTArchitect cockpit, dubbed “Supervisor”: a single application that combines all inbound, outbound and monitoring functionality. Need to change your inbound flows? No problem – re-routing all traffic requires a mere couple of clicks. Do you want to check your inbound SLAs afterwards? You can do so in a matter of seconds, since it’s the same application. The same goes for listening in on agents, checking reports or setting up predictive dialling projects: the list goes on and on.

Thanks to an extensive restriction system and our new browser-based Supervisor Portal, you can even let clients log onto your system. Finally, Supervisor is tightly integrated within CTScript, our callscript creation software for outbound campaigns.

An extensive array of future-proof technology and innovative solutions

A software-only VoIP solution

Defective telephony hardware boards or agent hardphones are a thing of the past, thanks to CTArchitect Soft. That’s right: Our entire contact centre platform can be installed as a 100% software-only solution, both server- and agent-side. The only thing you need is a server and a stable connection with the outside world, and a USB headset for your agents. Moving from traditional solutions into VoIP soft solutions offers many advantages:

  • The possibility to move your telephony solution into the cloud.
  • Enhanced flexibility gives you the option of scaling your system’s capacity easily.
  • No more risk of long-term hardware failure.

...while still supporting hardware technology

As a contact centre professional, it can be hard to keep up with new trends without abandoning expensive recent investments in telephony equipment and – hardware. This is why we still support traditional ISDN technology as well.

Continuous development and innovation

Contact centre technology is evolving at breakneck speed: The shift towards centralised (cloud) solutions, a move from ISDN into VoIP and from hardphone to softphone solutions, and so on. With CTArchitect, we not only try to keep up with all recent trends, but we work hard to keep ahead of future contact centre technology developments.

The end goal? Creating an even better experience for your incoming and outgoing contacts/calls. We picked three examples from our list to illustrate our philosophy:

  • Our Virtual Queuing technology presents your queued inbound caller with the option of leaving a message and hanging up the phone, even though his queue position will remain intact.
  • Visual IVR combines website information with inbound IVR parameters; in this way, an agent will already know which website page the caller visited when he or she greets the caller.
  • Virtual agents: Use IVR technology in outbound calls to collect personal or sensitive information.

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