Quality assurance

Automating your QA process

Our CTArchitect core module offers a wide range of monitoring functionality. However, research has indicated that, in an average contact centre, only 1% of all calls are effectively checked by supervisors/administrators or other quality assurance processes that are put into place. This can be explained because:

  • An average supervisor needs to monitor a team of 10 agents, but can only listen in on one agent at a time
  • Effectively listening to each recording is not only a time-sensitive task, but a costly one as well: hiring a separate supervisor per agent is just not possible from a financial point of view

Thanks to the integration of our contact centre technology with Phonexia's speech processing technology, we can now offer you a solution that can monitor up to 100% of all calls, this in a fully automatic way. Integrating our recording management solutions in your contact centre will help you to:

  • Train and coach agents more easily, and bring out the best in them
  • Save money by drastically reducing supervisor costs
  • Get more satisfied customers, thanks to call quality improvement
  • Get more insight in key data, through extensive analytics and dashboards

Speech processing

So, how does it all work from a technical point of view?

A speech processing engine helps you to automatically extract as much information as possible from contact centre conversations. This engine is the culmination of 17 years of research and development on speech processing technology. After years of fine-tuning, extremely advanced algorithms can automatically:

  • Recognise predefined keywords and key phrases: did the agent say good morning at the beginning of the conversation? Did the caller use curse words?
  • Analyse the conversation: what was the average agent reaction time when asked a question? Was the agent speaking too quickly? How about crosstalk?
  • Identify speakers through voice biometry technology: did this person call before? Is a caller trying to impersonate someone else (fraud detection)?
  • Transcript the whole call, and write down everything that was said during the conversation

About Phonexia

Phonexia is a Czech Republic-based company with over 17 years of experience in research and development of speech technology products and solutions. In fact, the company originated as a spin-off from Brno University of Technology (BUT) and is still closely working together with its scientists.

As a partner, MyForce is the official supplier and distributor of the Phonexia product portfolio.