We help Contact Centres.
Here's how:

With CTArchitect, we improve contact centre infrastructures.

CTArchitect is our complete off the shelf contact centre telephony solution, featuring inbound, outbound and monitoring modules. It’s perfect for equipping a contact centre with a telephony platform, or for upgrading/modernising existing contact centre infrastructure.
CTArchitect is used for helpdesks, telemarketing/telesales and market research contact centres all over the world.

We think along.

As you probably already know, fitting a contact centre solution into existing ICT environments can be a complex and daunting project. Thankfully, complex and daunting projects are something we love working on. Our partners know this as well, as some of them have been relying on our specific expertise for many years.
For us, the main starting point is the existing situation, followed by the question “how can we make this better?”. This is why we don’t use a product/feature-based approach: We offer more than just a range of contact centre ICT products.

We go further.

As we have said above, our core business is to find a solution to a telephony-related problem. If necessary, this solution can be something new and innovative, tailor-made for a certain client or situation. Our open model also allows our clients to develop new tools around our platform themselves.
Furthermore, the flexible structure of our tools allows us to scale everything to fit your needs easily. CTArchitect is installed in contact centres ranging from small local 8-seat environments to international cloud-hosted multi-site environments of up to 500 seats.