Facts & values

MyForce is a Belgian company, with headquarters based near Ghent and a local office (MyForce CZ) in Prague, Czech Republic. While the firm’s roots go back to 1991, the company as it is known today was established officially in 2002 after a management buyout.

Ever since 2002, the company’s mission has remained the same: Providing the enterprise market with high-end, innovative ICT-solutions based on a combination of self-developed and third-party products. In order to attain this goal, everything that happens at MyForce is based on three basic principles:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Service
  3. Dedication

These values can be found in everything we do, such as the openness of our tools, our well-known support service, or the continued focus & specialisation field we operate in (contact centre & market research ICT solutions).


  • Johan Minne
  • Maarten Bossuyt
  • Marijn Vanhee
    Operations manager
  • Bart Minne
    Business development manager
  • Kateřina Marková
    Managing director MyForce CZ
  • Julie Vandevelde
    Delivery manager
  • Iris Parisis
    Management Assistant
  • Robbe Van der Gucht
    Operations Engineer
  • Lydia Biey
    Operations engineer
  • Thierry De Zutter
    Operations engineer
  • Peter Gabriël
    Senior development engineer
  • Bert Reyntjens
    Senior development engineer
  • Koen De Wolf
    Development engineer
  • Stijn Moerman
    QA Engineer
  • Jasper De Vrient
    Development engineer
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Over the years, MyForce has formed strong partnerships with software vendors, consulting firms, and integrators. These relationships have proved to be mutually beneficial for both parties involved. As a result, we can offer our customers a combination of our own technology, tightly integrated with best-of-breed third party solutions.

Our partners are:


Askia develops and maintains software solutions for the market research industry.


Phonexia are experts in the field of speech technology software products.


PlatformOne provides the market with a unified insights management platform.


Smartconnect is the creator of innovative multichannel contact centre solutions.


Tobania provides ICT sourcing solutions with business performance as primary focus.


VoicePIN delivers voice authentication for any application.

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